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Job Description

- Welcome guests.
- Manage and purchase essential things / stationaries for office.
- Ensure the execution of various documents / contracts / agreements.
- Organize and coordinate with management team to organize staff activities, company’s events.
- Prepare for accommodation, transportation and travel ticket booking for members' business trips.
- Liaison work with external authorities (Govt) to ensure timely event licenses and other business related legal matters.

- Collaborate with Logistics team to build up Freelancer’s database
- Recruit employees including in-house, freelancer for offices when having requirement
- In charge of Contract and Agreement
- Support higher level managers: keep track time sheet, working hours,..
- Making relevant reports.
Consults with:
- All departments.
- All levels of management
- Graduated from university/college
- Bachelor related to Human management/ Business administration is preferrableExperience:
2+ years experienced in same positionPersonality and Requirement.
- Good communication skill (in both English and Vietnamese is preferable).
- Good computer skills including Word, Excel, PowerPoint
- Good at drafting legal documents and liaision with Govt.
- Multi-tasking skills and ability to prioritize tasks.
- Flexible and interpersonal skill.
- Willing to learn more.


Job Description

- Find and identify new business opportunities.
- Servicing existing sponsors and developing other revenue streams.
- Create and execute plans for account team.
- Build up sponsorship proposals with ensuring to meet the client's objective.
- Arrange meetings with interested sponsor prospects.
- Sell sponsorship.
- Negotiate sponsorships and review all deals .
- Manage well sponsor expectations before, during, and after the sale.
- Master knowledge of client’s product or service, the market and its consumer.
- Understand the client's marketing objectives in terms of sales, market-share, competitor products.

- Ensure clients' participations are created on time and on budget.
- Ensure the profitability in the account.
- Responsible and achieve annual and project sales targets.
- Collaborate with other departments to improve customer satisfaction.
- Make relevant reports.

- Graduated from university/college.
- Master/Bachelor related to Business administration is preferableExperience: 2+ years experienced in same position is preferablePersonality and Requirement.
- High-level experience in sourcing new sponsors.
- In-depth understanding of the sponsorship industry.
- Proactive and aggressive in developing business.
- Experience and knowledge of event is a plus.
- Have an understanding of budgeting and financial management.
- Excellent execution, time management, organizational and analytical skills .
- Excellent verbal and written communication & presentation skills in both English and Vietnamese.
- Good management and leadership skills .
- Good negotiation and problem solving skill.
- Strong IT skills including, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and CRM is a plus.
- Willingness to learn.
- Ability to handle multiple projects.
- Ability to work well under pressure.
- Ability to work independently as well as team work


Responsible for the public relations initiatives within a company. Creates, manages, and implements PR campaigns with the goal of enriching a company's position within the public eye. Maintains strong relationships with media reps.

Job Description Requirement
- Planning, developing and implementing PR strategy.
- Create marketing and promotional materials, both print and digital.
- Work with advertisers for timely and useable ad submissions.
- Copyedit, proofread, and revise communications.
- Recommend, implement and maintain site design and operation. - Work with manager and the team to determine event budget and manage expenses to that budget.
- Promote company's services and imagines through public relations initiatives.
- Develop marketing communications campaigns.
- Create and deliver press releases, media relations content, newsletter content, and speaking proposals.
- Identify and develop strong relationships with the media
(media channels; national, regional and local press); identifying and engaging key influencers.
- Prepare briefing materials.
- Working with the Marketing Managers / Executive to curate, edit and write content for our website; emails and newsletters; social media channels; blogs.
- Manage information.
- Graduated from university/college.
- 2-3 years experienced in PR, content creator.
- Strong writing and editing skill in English and Vietnamese.
- Excellent communication, interpersonal.
- Drive, competence, flexibility and a willingness to learn.
- Excellent organisational and time management skills with the ability to multitask;
ability to cope with pressure.
- Creativity, imagination and initiative.
- Strong attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple projects at once.
- Good relationship with local press.
- Team player.


Responsible for acting as a liaison between customers and companies. Assists with complaints, registrations, errors, billing, cancelations, and other queries

Job Description Requirement
- Resolve customer complaints via phone, email, or social media.
- Use telephones to reach out to customers and verify account information.
- Greet customers warmly and ascertain problem or reason for calling/emailing.
- Assist with placement of registration, refunds, or exchanges.
- Advise on company's events information.
- Take payment information and other pertinent information such as addresses and phone numbers.
- Act as the company gatekeeper.
- Inform customer of deals and promotions or new information about company's events via email, phone
- Work with supervisor to ensure proper customer service is being delivered.
- Managing customers database
- Create and managing the loyalty program
- Handle changes in policies or renewals.
- Coordinate with the team to improve the company's service
- Daily report.
- Graduated from university/college
- 2+ years experienced in customer serivice.
- Good written and spoken in English.
- Communication skill - Verbal and Written.
- Listening skill.
- Problem analysis and problem-solving
- Attention to detail and accuracy
- Data collection and ordering
- Customer service orientation
- Documentation skills, analyzing information
- Stress tolerance.
- Learning attitude.
- Team player.


f you are the one working with passion and without fear of trying new things, doing your best to get things done and will never give up the small things, either you are a designer, production guy or marketing girl, you are Vietnamese or an expat, from the North or South... All of you are welcome at Pulse Active.

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