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BEGINNER Casual walking and jogging, run less than 5km per run, run 1 - 2 times/week
INTERMEDIATE Run at least twice a week, run straightly 5km without walking
ADVANCED Run at least 10km per run, run totally more than 25km per week with an average pace from 5:00 - 6:00 min/km
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I hereby agree to comply with all rules and regulations and event instruction of the RUNCLUB.VN For myself, heirs, next of kin, successor and assign, I hereby: a. Waive and release any / all claims I may have against RUNCLUB.VN, it's committee, their officers, directors, members, volunteers, employees or any one or more of them or their executors, including any of them arising out of my participation in the training sessions and its related activities, together with any costs including attorney fees that may be incurred as a result of any such claims whether valid or not, and b. Indemnify and hold harmless the release and each of them against any such claim that I or my guests, or any one or more of my executors, next of kin, successors may have or assert against any cost including attorney fees with respect thereof. I hereby acknowledge that I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and athletic equipment during the training sessions and its related activities. RUNCLUB.VN shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings during the training sessions. I hereby acknowledge that participation in the RUNCLUB.VN training sessions carry with them potential hazard. I therefore release the RUNCLUB.VN, of any liability resulting from injury or death during the event and its related activities. I hereby attest and verify that I am physically fit to participate to a running activity and that a licensed medical doctor has verified my physical condition. I hereby consent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and/or illness during the RUNCLUB.VN training sessions. The RUNCLUB.VN reserves the right to cancel or postpone a session due to adverse weather conditions which may deem the session unsafe. Members are advised to wear appropriate equipment for running to prevent any form of injury that could result as a consequence. Traffic will be partially monitored by marshals at some areas, but participants should take extreme caution at all times for traffic. Any disorderly behavior (ignoring instructions from an organizer/volunteer/marshal of RUNCLUB.VN, fighting, profanity, excessive use of alcoholic beverages) on the course provided by RUNCLUB.VN and or during the training session of RUNCLUB.VN is cause for disciplinary action. This may result in the loss of club privileges for those involved. RUNCLUB.VN reserves the right to refuse or cancel membership to anyone. In case of runner's timing during a RUNCLUB.VN session, times will be provided for information only. Members are advised to bring appropriate hydration during any session as will not guarantee provision of water. Runners under the age of 16 must have signed consent from parents or legal guardians before receiving their membership status. For safety and liability reasons the RUNCLUB.VN sessions are limited to registered runners/walkers only. Inline skates, bicycles, skateboards, strollers are strictly prohibited. The only exception to Non-compliance with these safety rules will result in sanctions. I agree to allow RUNCLUB.VN to use all information provided for purposes such as event notifications and statistics for RUNCLUB.VN and its affiliated companies. Any information provided will remain private and will not be distributed. I allow RUNCLUB.VN the use of photos taken by them of me for promotional programs of RUNCLUB.VN and PULSE ACTIVE.
I have completed my entry, read & agreed with the waiver, term and conditions to the RUNCLUB.VN.