WERACE 2017 is out there running right now, training so together we can bring the most exciting relay marathon! Go out there and run, we will be back soon in 2018!


The event welcomes corporate groups, families and friends to come and experience a friendly 21Km race. In teams of 4, each member of the team will run about 5.25KM and together, they will complete a half marathon distance. A great and memorable activity that will bring your team closer!
Half-marathon [21Km] is not tough anymore as far as you have your mates to accomplish the challenge with you. One team, one spirit, one beat, one power and one goal will for sure successfully complete one race together. Run together, run further, run stronger.
WeRace is much more than just a race. Beside the run, there are various outdoor activities including team games and challenges as well as relaxation music performances. Participants will also be able to enjoy lunch with their crew and start warming up for the race.

09:00 – 11:00 Race Kit Pick Up & Team Activities
11:00 – 13:00 Camp-Lunch & Music
13:30 – 14:00 Gather & WarmUp
14:00 Gun Start
17:30 Cut off time
17:30 – 18:00 WeRace, WeCelebrate

*NOTE: The information is still subject to change by the organizer.
*Lunch is only included with the “Fit Kit”.

What’s included in your race kit?


Số lượng vật dụng ứng với mỗi người. Như 1 nhóm, bạn sẽ nhận được 4 phần.

  • BIB Numbers

*Number of items per person. As a team, you will receive 4 times this.




1. Where will Werace 2017 take place?
The race will take place in the International Financial Trade Zone, Block C, Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Check the exact location by clicking here. Easily accessible by car, bus or motorbike, District 7 is only 15 minutes away from city centre. The area is surrounded by a brand new & modern view of the urban development, Phu My Hung.
2. How to get there ?
International Financial Trade Zone, Block C, Phu My Hung, District 7 is located about 15 minutes driving from the city centre in Sai Gon. If you are flying from outside Vietnam or Ho Chi Minh City, the best way is to get to Ho Chi Minh first and then take one of the options below: Motorbikes & Cars, Buses, Taxi.
3. Will there be a parking lot?
Yes. our parking lot is allowed for bikes, motorbikes only. If you go there by cars, we would recommend to park your vehicles in some shopping malls nearby.


1. Where i can register for Werace?
You can purchase directly through our Website here or via Ticketbox here. If you don’t want to purchase online, you can visit our office at 9-11-13 Nguyen Trai, D1, HCMC to make your payment (in cash only) and kindly email us in advance at info@pulse.vn
2. Can i get the refund or transfer my registration to someone else?
We won't offer refunds or deferrals of any kind. Participants should review and check our Registration Refund/Cancellation Policy offered within the WERACE 2017 online registration. If you need to edit your particulars please visit the edit particulars page here. The particulars page will be closed 20 days before event day. After that, we will not accept to change any information of participants.
3. What is the complementary category asked during the registration? How many contest categories do WeRace have?
Contest category is for these groups where all the members are part of the same group or similar categories. This category is not mandatory but just complementary and optional. In Werace we have 6 categories: Family, School/University, Company, Oldies (all members over 60 years old), Youngster (all members under 20 years old) and The Hottest team. In case you choose the company category, you will be asked for which kind of industry. Fastest team of each category will be awarded with extra prize.
4. Is there age limit to run in Werace?
Yes, participants must be from 12 years old & older because they can not get any support along the course so they need to be able to run by themselves.
5. Can family members, co-workers, teammates check-in for me and pick-up my race kit?
Yes, there should be 1 person will picks up the kit for the whole group, that person should bring along 4 photocopies of the documentation id of the registrant plus its confirmation email.


1. How to race in Werace?
Werace is a new concept of marathon in which you can run a relay half marathon (21KM) with your teammates. A team must consist of 4 people only and each member will run 5.25KM to complete the race. The first person will run the 5.25KM loop and pass the timing chip to their 2nd teammate in transition area, the next person will take the timing chip and run the same loop as the first one, keep going until the last person in the team completes the race.
2. What should we wear for Werace?
To enter the event, wearing Werace T-shirt (included in race-kit) is a must.
3. Is there any place where I can change the clothes?
Yes, we have 2 changing rooms at the event site.
4. What are the tshirt sizes?
5. What are the courses cut off times?
Participants will have to finish before 3,5 hours. Race route will be closed at 5:30PM. After cut off times there will be no support (medical personnel, water, communication personnel..etc). Cut off time is counted from the start time of each wave.


1. Will there be medals for finishers ?
Yes, there will be 4 medals for all 4 finishers in the team and 1 trophy for the top winning teams.
2. What is the prize for winning teams?
Apart form the trophies, there will be prizes from sponsors for top winning teams and for each category. Besides, there will also be prizes for joining aside activities and lucky draw. In case of complimentary entries, the runner will be eligible to podium but this will not receive any kind of cash of sponsor prize, only the trophy.
3. Where can i get my result ?
Your timing result will be updated on our website after the race
4. I want to join, but i don’t have a team, what should i do?
You can join our Facebook group for Werace community to find your Werace buddies and new friends here
5. If i’m not professional runner, can I join the race?
Yes, the race is not aim to be competitive so either if you are a professional or a beginner, you can all join Werace. Werace welcomes all friends, families and corporates to run a friendly 5Km. Besides the race, you can also join for camping lunch and exciting activities.

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